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NO MI Bracelet (Awakened)


This is definitely the most dangerous fruit salad you've ever seen!

NO MI is a high grade stainless steel charm bracelet with a unique halogen rainbow coating featuring the iconic devil fruits from Eichiro Oda's One Piece. This bracelet features the fan favorites:

  • Gomu Gomu No Mi (Gum Gum Fruit)
  • Hito Hito No Mi (Human Human Fruit)
  • Mera Mera No Mi (Flame Flame Fruit)
  • Ope Ope No Mi (Op Op Fruit)
  • Ito Ito No Mi (String String Fruit)
  • and the Hana Hana No Mi (Flower Flower Fruit)

The material chosen prevents tarnishing so it is extremely durable and waterproof (can't say the same for you when you're wearing it tho lol)

With the awakened version no two bracelets look the same, each pendant has its own unique rainbow pattern!

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