About us

"To inspire confidence, ambition, and freedom through creativity to make you feel like you're the MC". 


-Our Story

I started this brand during the pandemic in 2020 on a whim when someone asked "if you want anime clothes so bad why don't you make them". I've always been strangely drawn to mangas and anime since I was a kid. There's something about the main characters who fight against the odds, dream big, inspire their world, and keep moving forward no matter the cost that lit a fire inside me.

The way I see it we're all living our own real life anime with arcs, fillers, plot armor, and dreams to chase. The goal of this brand is to light that fire inside of you, to draw inspiration from the shows and ideas you wear and create a community of leaders and creatives who are driven to be the best.

That's exactly what the Elysium is, the only place in greek mythology where the heroes gathered at end of their journey. A commitment to shoot higher than all the stars.

It's your world we just live in it.